Surety Bonds Services

Brunswick Companies offers a breadth of surety bonds unmatched in the industry. We are licensed in all 50 states and maintain a network of over 30 markets. We're able to secure standard, exclusive, specialty, and hard-to-place surety bonds.

With our membership in the Small Business Administration (SBA) Surety Bond Guarantee Program, we can even help newly established and small companies get the bonds they need. We also have a program that does not require a CPA-prepared financial statement in order to qualify for bonding, helping small but experienced businesses grow.

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A Trusted Licensed Surety Bond Agency

Mark Levinson, Senior Vice President of Surety, leads our team of surety bond specialists. Brunswick Companies rely on a strong network of surety bond carriers and partners collected by Mark over his 25-year-long career in the industry. Using that network, our entire staff secures the best products and prices. Through our surety bond network, we manage and mediate risk-related relationships, giving you peace of mind to focus on your business.

As a member of the Small Business Administration Surety Bond Guarantee Program, we help small businesses obtain the bonds they need to enter into projects requiring bonds.

Don’t know what kind of bond you need? Call Mark Levinson at 330-865-4265 or for help.

Contract Bonds

Public (and some private) projects require contract bonds to perform work and to ensure jobs will be completed properly. Typically, the hiring owner or general contractor requires contract bonds of sub-contractors.

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Court Bonds

Ordered and required by law or the court, court bonds ensure the fulfillment of responsibilities.

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Environmental Surety Bonds

Environmental surety bonds include performance and payment bonds when contaminated property is being remediated and license and permit bonds required for landfills, wetland mitigation, and other industries which may impact the environment.

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Fidelity Bonds

Employers use fidelity bonds to protect money and property from damage caused by an employee’s negligent or dishonest action.

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License & Permit Bonds

Many licensing applications require license and permit surety bonds to ensure compliance with state and local laws and regulations.

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