Risk Management

As your partner, Brunswick Companies is the only resource you need to find the right risk management solution for your company. We will help you create an insurance risk management program that will fit your long- and short-term goals, and serve as your "Chief Risk Officer" as your business grows. The breadth and depth of our experience includes Commercial Insurance and Self-Insured Retention Plans. Depend on our experienced risk advisors to support you through every part of the process from initial assessment through the monitoring of your performance.

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Brunswick Companies Can Help Manage Your Risk

Protecting your company and its financial assets requires a comprehensive risk management program. Brunswick Companies is your single-source of risk management solutions for:

  • Evaluating risk management strategies and company exposures
  • Reviewing and analyzing current insurance policies
  • Leading insurance processes for selection, comparison, and placement
  • Managing provider’s performance on day-to-day changes, correspondence, and certification
  • Evaluating claims exposure, to include prior claims, internal controls, and procedures
  • Providing recommended insurance requirements for your tenants, contractors/subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers

Businesses across the country have relied on Brunswick Companies’ experience to help them reach their goals. With our guidance, our clientele have received the same protection that Fortune 1000 companies enjoy without incurring the expense of an in-house risk management department.

Why Outsourcing Risk Management Works

The true test of your risk management plan is how soon you are able to reopen for business, and what plans you’ve put in place to minimize any downtime. Some businesses undergo a catastrophe before realizing the value of putting a comprehensive program of risk management services and solutions in place. Accessing professional advice in advance of a crisis improves your company’s ability to get back in business quickly. A risk management program will:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Control premiums by controlling claims
  • Minimize downtime in the event of a disaster
  • Maximize insurance settlements
  • Monitor the effectiveness of risk control measures
  • Analyze future risk

Who Manages Your Risks?

Often, businesses depend upon their existing management team, working with their insurance agent, to manage company risks. Many Fortune 1000 corporations have developed in-house insurance departments headed by a qualified insurance manager or “Chief Risk Officer” to identify risks and manage their insurance program. A third alternative is to outsource these duties to a professional insurance risk management company.

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