Commercial Insurance by Industry

Brunswick Companies can simplify the task of comparing offerings from a wide array of insurance carriers and brokers, providing the information you need to make an informed decision. We have the experience to guide you step-by-step, from securing multiple quotes to finalizing the selection process.

The industries below are merely a sampling of those we support for commercial insurance. If you would like to discuss coverage, please call our Commercial Insurance team today at 800-686-8080.

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Construction Companies

Because every construction business is different, insurance solutions can range from a standard policy to a more thorough mix of coverages. Brunswick Companies can provide solutions for both large and artisan construction contractors in all 50 states. We can help you secure construction contractors insurance in a multitude of specialties, many endorsed by national associations.

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Manufacturing Companies

Whether your manufacturing business is a local machine shop or a corporation with global operations, we have the specialized experience and industry “know-how” to design a cost-effective manufacturing insurance program that addresses your exposures. Our specialists can provide you with sound solutions that allow you to match the desired level of coverage with a comprehensive plan for cost-containment and claims management.

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Real Estate Owners, Developers & Property Managers

We provide a thorough analysis of your exposures before crafting a comprehensive risk management solution specifically designed for your business. From enclosed shopping malls and shopping centers to residential complexes and mixed-use developments, we provide our clients with access to a wide range of top-ranked insurance providers.

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Retail Companies

Whether your customers come to your store for flowers or new clothes, we have the insurance solutions to protect you if something should go wrong. From business owner policies to crime coverage, we understand what busy retail owners like you need to keep your businesses thriving.

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Wholesale & Distribution Companies

We have over 35 years of experience in working with everyone from local beverage distributors to wholesale corporations with global operations. Our commercial insurance products can be customized to your specific company needs. Make sure you have the right coverage against natural disasters, cyber crime, and supply chain interruption to keep your business on the right track to success.

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Cutting-Edge Risk & Claims Management

Brunswick Companies has been a pioneer in providing cutting-edge risk and claims management solutions for our clients in all commercial industries. We perform an analysis of your prior claims history in order to identify opportunities to lower your insurance costs. Our sister company TransGlobal Adjusting can help you by reducing premiums through partial or full self-insurance and minimizing losses through claims management services.

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