Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Regardless of your profession, being in business involves some level of risk. Mistakes made by you, your employees, or independent contractors can trigger legal action related to negligent acts, errors and omissions, and even personal injury. Brunswick Companies empowers you to protect your firm – and the talent within it – by advising you on potential pitfalls, and providing the right-fit professional liability insurance coverage that keeps you fully protected from the high costs of legal defense if claims arise.

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Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

This AICPA-endorsed policy features plans that provide comprehensive coverage tailored to meet the diverse needs of CPA firms of all sizes and areas of practice. More accountants get their professional liability insurance from us than from any other sponsored plan. With the high cost and serious consequences of a professional liability lawsuit, comprehensive protection is especially important for CPA firms today.

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Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

As legal professionals, you know that a malpractice lawsuit can have severe consequences. It can cost your firm thousands of dollars, as well as countless hours that could be spent helping your own clients. The truth is, mistakes happen in every business. Professional liability covers your firm from claims that may result from these errors.

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Professional Liability Insurance for Additional Industries

Brunswick Companies provides custom professional liability coverage for a variety of industries that include the following:

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