Janitorial Cleaning Services Bond

A janitorial bond protects both your clients and your business against the unforeseen expense of reimbursing a customer for their loss. For this reason, many states require janitorial services companies to secure a cleaning service bond.

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What is a Janitorial Services Bond?

Janitorial bonds protect your janitorial services company against claims of employee theft. They are also known as janitorial services bonds, custodian bonds, or home services bonds.

Janitorial services and other home services companies are particularly vulnerable to employee dishonesty. Your employees have access to your customer’s equipment, supplies, personal belongings, and other assets. In addition, your employees are easy targets for blame. If your customer finds something missing, they are likely to suspect those who do the cleaning.

Janitorial cleaning service bonds help protect your business. Additionally, these cleaning services bonds provide protection to your customers from losses incurred by the dishonest acts of your employees (both full- and part-time).

How Much Does a Janitorial Bond Cost?

Your cleaning service bond premium depends on how many employees you have, your business location, and the type of services you offer. Often, businesses with five or fewer employees can get bonded for under $300.

Surety Agency Advantages for Janitorial Services Bonds

Working with an experienced surety broker provides an edge in obtaining the best pricing for cleaning business insurance and bonding. Mark Levinson, Senior Vice President of Surety, has extensive experience in providing fidelity bonds. With decades of experience, Mark has developed strong relationships with the leading surety underwriters in the business so that we may provide our clients with access to more favorable terms and conditions.



Additional Protection for Your Cleaning Services Business

Consider professional liability and E&O insurance for your janitorial or cleaning services company. Our professional liability insurance specialists provide a wide selection of affordable professional liability insurance plans for service providers such as janitorial companies. Errors & Omissions policies protect both your company and your personal assets if a client alleges negligence or error.

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