• What To Do If Your Law Firm’s Insurance Coverage Is Denied

    What To Do If Your Law Firm’s Insurance Coverage Is Denied August 27, 2018

    Even though you are a dedicated professional, you can make a mistake that could find you going from attorney to defendant. Like a vicious punch, defending a claim can flip you around and leave you reeling. Regaining your footing through paying the deductible of your legal malpractice insurance, enduring sleepless nights full of self-doubt, and reevaluating your finances to make up for lost billable hours, the last thing you need is another hit.

    But then that next blow comes in the mail. An innocent looking letter declares that your liability insurance carrier has dropped you, choosing not to renew your policy. What had already been a tough time just got exponentially worse because the continuation of your practice is now threatened.

    While your first instinct might be to panic, don’t. Brunswick Companies has over 16 years of experience writing non-standard liability coverage. We can guide you through the process of finding and securing the necessary insurance for you to stay in business.

    We have the connections to secure coverage for attorneys affected by all of the following:

    • Non-renewals due to claim severity or frequency
    • Primary and/or excess insurance policies
    • Reprimands and/or disciplinary actions
    • Law firms without current coverage
    • Working in high-risk areas of practice, such as:
      • Real Estate Law
      • Entertainment Law
      • Intellectual Property Law
      • Mass Tort Law
      • Environmental Law
      • Class Action Law

    Our professional liability team has cultivated long-term relationships with A-rated carriers able to assist your firm in gaining affordable insurance. Even if you fall into one of the above categories, Brunswick Companies works with surplus lines brokers and underwriters who can help. Our experts will work with your to make sure you have the best coverage for the most affordable price that will allow you to continue doing business.

    To begin the process, please complete the online quote form or call 800-686-8080 today.