• Accounting Cyber Liability Information from AICPA

    Accounting Cyber Liability Information from AICPA June 7, 2017

    A cyber-attack could spell disaster for your CPA firm. Know the risks, consequences and best practices.

    As aggregators of financial data, CPA firms are entrusted with their clients’ personal and financial information. As such, they’re primary targets for cyber crimes. Any size firm can fall victim. In fact, while more than half (55%) of all small businesses surveyed have already been the victim of a cyber-attack, 8% of all cyber claims are related to professional services firms. READ MORE >

    Cybersecurity: A top concern among accounting professionals

    The latest facts, court rulings, and new regulations

    Safeguarding your clients’ nonpublic information from cyber-criminals is a top priority for CPA firms. In fact, the latest data breach statistics from RSA Security show an alarming increase in the number of exposed consumer records across industries… READ MORE >

    Cyber Crime and why CPA firms are a target

    When the nightly news reports privacy data breaches at major companies, you may be tempted to think, ‘Thank goodness CPAs are not at risk.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. As a CPA, your clients trust you with their most confidential information. For a cybercriminal, getting their hands on your clients’ tax returns, Social Security numbers, employer ID numbers, financial statements, and other sensitive data is extremely valuable. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC PDF >

    How to protect your CPA practice from hackers

    The bad guys no longer have to break into your office to steal your clients’ most sensitive data. Now, they can just hack into your network from thousands of miles away—and you don’t even know it’s happening until the damage is already done. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST >

    The armor of awareness

    Trojan horses, spoofing, spear-phishing … these terms seem better suited to medieval warfare than the everyday cybersecurity lexicon of a CPA firm. While the jargon may sound similar, two contrasts can be found between medieval times and today’s cybersecurity threats. READ MORE >