Travel Agent Insurance

The Brunswick Advantage

Licensed in all 50 states, Brunswick Companies provides comprehensive coverage for all operations necessary and incidental to a travel agency or tour operation. Our insurance for travel agents responds to covered claims and lawsuits brought anywhere in the world.

Travel Agent Insurance Coverage Includes

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
  • Certain Forms of Non-Owned/Hired Auto, Aircraft and Watercraft Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Worldwide Protection
  • Principals, Employees, Tour Conductors, and Guides as covered persons insured

Let us help you design a plan with the coverages that meet your size, areas of practice, and investment expectations.

Additional Coverages For Travel Agent Insurance

“First Dollar” Defense Costs Available — No deductible payment is required by the insured toward legal costs to defend covered claims. The insurance company pays for all its incurred legal expenses spent on the insured’s behalf, without reducing the policy limit.

Travel Agent Claims Examples

A travel agency counts among its clients a growing Manhattan software firm which specializes in billing software. After two years in development, the president of the software firm is finally ready to personally unveil software she believes is superior to the market’s leader. The travel agent arranges the flights and hotels for the firm’s president and three software developers to attend the annual national conference of billing information technology specialists in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, the agent fails to inform the foursome that a week earlier their flight had been rerouted to leave from LaGuardia instead of Kennedy airport. As a result, they miss their allotted time for the presentation, and their product never gets the initial boost it needs. The software firm sues the travel agent for $250,000 for a loss of business opportunity.

This is only one example of why you need professional liability insurance as a travel agent.

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