Event Planner & Caterer Professional Liability Insurance

Brunswick Companies is widely recognized for its long-term success in managing the specialty exposures of attorneys. We offer our clients extensive risk management and underwriting experience and have created solutions for law firms of all sizes and areas of practice. We can design coverage to meet the needs of all firm sizes, especially Mid-Sized Law Firms.

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The Brunswick Advantage

Being an Event Planner or Caterer involves some level of risk. Mistakes made by you, your employees, or independent contractors can trigger legal action related to negligent acts, errors and omissions, and even personal injury. Professional Liability coverage will protect you against the potentially devastating effect of lawsuits regardless of whether or not an allegation has merit. Brunswick Companies empowers you to protect your business — and the talent within it — by advising you on potential pitfalls and providing the right-fit coverage that keeps you and your business fully protected.

Event Planner & Caterer Insurance Coverage Includes

  • Defense Costs are in Addition to the Limit of Liability – Defense costs won’t erode your liability limits.
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage is Available – Protects you and your business for all professional services rendered.
  • Duty to Defend Wording – Provides legal counsel for you in the event that you are named in a suit.
  • Personal Injury Coverage – Guards against suits claiming libel, slander, defamation, wrongful eviction, and false arrest.

Let us help you design a plan with the coverages that meet your size, specialty, and investment expectations.

Event Planner Claims Examples

A company is hosting a party for their stockholders to celebrate the launch of their newest product. They hire an Event Planner to help them plan everything, and specifically they would like a photographer at the party to take photos that for the company’s annual report. The Event Planner hires a freelance photographer for the party. Unfortunately, the photographer has too much to drink and causes an embarrassing scene. He takes very few photos, none of which are suitable for publication. The company later discovers that the photographer has a history of poor service. They sue the Event Planner for $10,000 for professional negligence in selecting a photographer.

Would your current professional liability insurance cover you for something like the above?

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