• What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Understanding What Standard Homeowners Insurance Covers

    What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Understanding What Standard Homeowners Insurance Covers April 4, 2017

    The Insurance Information Institute conducted a consumer survey to measure the understanding 1,006 adults when it comes to standard homeowners insurance coverage. The answers revealed a wide range of results, including what homeowners know and don’t know—distinctions that could prove costly after a disaster.


    • 43% of respondents don’t know that standard homeowners insurance does not cover flooding
    • 28% don’t know that hurricane storm surge flooding isn’t covered either
    • 18% don’t realize that lack of coverage applies to tsunami surge flooding too

    Earthquakes, Landslides & Sinkholes

    • 29% incorrectly believe they’re covered against damage caused by earthquakes
    • 30% of respondents don’t know standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover sinkholes
    • 24% and 23% respectively weren’t aware that mudslides and landslides aren’t covered

    Airplanes & Space Debris

    • 73% didn’t realize they are covered by standard homeowners insurance against meteorites and other space debris
    • 56% didn’t think they are covered against things falling off or out of airplanes

    Inside the Home

    • 55% of respondents didn’t know they might not be covered against sewer backups (because some policies do cover that and some require a rider or separate policy)
    • 59% weren’t aware that coverage for damage done by lightning power surges to electronics may require special circumstances to be covered
    • 46% didn’t know that they are covered for liability medical expenses if someone is bitten by their dog
    • 27% didn’t realize that, if their home is unlivable after a covered loss, they are covered under standard homeowners insurance for expenses related to temporary housing, hotel bills, restaurant meals, and other expenses

    Want to know more?

    Part of your insurance agent’s job is to make sure you know ahead of time what your homeowners insurance covers and what it doesn’t. If you aren’t positive that you have the right coverage for the potential risks to your home, call your agent today. Don’t wait until after a disaster to discover that you aren’t adequately protected.