• Is It Time To Review Your Jewelry Coverage?

    Is It Time To Review Your Jewelry Coverage? October 24, 2017

    Whether of purely sentimental value or part of a collection you actively add to, jewelry is ultimately one of your wealth assets. Protecting those assets requires the right insurance, but a standard standalone homeowners policy may not be up to the challenge. Under certain circumstances, many homeowners policies limit jewelry coverage to $1,000-$2,000. Would that be enough to cover your engagement ring, grandmother’s pearls, or favorite watch individually? What about all of them combined?

    Whether your jewelry collection is worth $25,000 or $5 million, Brunswick Companies has a jewelry coverage solution for you.

    If your jewelry collection is valuable, there are several coverage options worth considering:

    • Blanket Coverage insures items without appraisals needed.
    • Scheduled/itemized Coverage will insure specific items for their appraised value.
    • Inflation protection activates if the market value of a scheduled item has increased and exceeds its itemized amount of coverage.
    • Types of losses include theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance if you lose your jewelry. If one part of a pair or set is lost, stolen, or damaged, coverage is available to replace the entire pair/set (standard homeowners policies typically only cover theft).
    • New purchases: If you already have jewelry scheduled on a personal collections policy with us, your new jewelry purchases will be covered for up to 90 days from acquisition, even if you haven’t yet notified us of your purchase.
    • Reduced rate for secured jewelry applies for pieces kept in a bank vault, safety deposit box, or qualifying home safe.
    • If you borrow jewelry, coverage applies for up to 90 days from the date you acquired the borrowed item(s).

    If it’s important to You, it’s important to Us

    You want to feel secure that your jewelry is adequately insured. Your Brunswick Companies specialist can help you determine the right protection for your jewelry. We understand that your jewelry is an investment—both sentimental and monetary. Contact one of our specialists at 800-686-8080 today to learn more.

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