• Personal Umbrella Insurance: Protect Future Earnings from Lawsuits

    Personal Umbrella Insurance: Protect Future Earnings from Lawsuits December 17, 2015

    An umbrella can protect you against more than just rain. At Brunswick Companies, you can invest in a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy that can help you protect your future earnings from potential lawsuits and liabilities charges.

    Unfortunately, lawsuits can happen to anyone — regardless of employment or income. At any time, an everyday task can go wrong and become a life-altering liability. Accidents can happen at home, at work, and even on the road. For example, what if you accidentally injure a successful lawyer or CEO during a car accident, or a deliveryman at your home slips and breaks his arm on your icy steps? A single lawsuit can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars — and that’s even if you win. Regardless of the value or quantity of your assets, your future income is at risk if your existing liability coverage is not adequate protection against a large judgment.

    In today’s economy, there is often a lot of uncertainty about job security and the future. Saving your earnings and investing in the future are good strategies for coping with this uncertainty. Now more than ever you need to secure your future earnings as much as possible. This includes using an Umbrella Protection Policy, also known as Excess Liability Insurance, to improve your protection against a lawsuit and possible large judgment.

    The Brunswick Companies’ Umbrella Protection Policy is beneficial not just for its ability to secure your future income and its affordability. Note that it can also cover:

    • Above your primary auto policy
    • Claims on or off your premises
    • Legal defense costs
    • Personal injury liabilities, including false arrest, libel, slander, and wrongful conviction
    • Personal injury or property damage claims

    The Personal Umbrella Protection Policy provides you worldwide coverage, allowing you to travel without additional stress. Your future will always be protected.

    As you continue to work and save, your earning power and your assets will increase. Consequently, you will have more at risk and a greater need to protect yourself. Start protecting yourself today by requesting that one of our Personal Insurance experts contact you at your earliest convenience.