• Case Study: Is Your Insurance Partner Working In Your Best Interest?

    January 19, 2016

    Residential property is highly valued among Brunswick Companies’ clients, not only because of its financial worth, but also because of its sentimental value. When a client had planned a beautiful, nine-month renovation on a 1950s style home, the Brunswick team recommended Chubb as the go-to choice for coverage.

    Brunswick always acts in the best interests of their client. They’re always there when you need them, which is what insurance is all about.


    This high-level carrier was known for its red carpet approach to claims fulfillment, a must for a multi-million dollar property that held a special place in the clients’ hearts and minds. The coverage was more complex than a simple Homeowners Policy; the clients’ had planned nine months of renovation prior to their move-in date. While pricier than traditional coverage, the investment in a Chubb Homeowners Policy also included an endorsement for vacancy and construction. This expense was fully justified throughout the course of renovation and significantly returned when an unfortunate incident occurred just weeks after move in.

    How Can Brunswick Support You During Complex Insurance Dealings?

    To begin, the couple tore off the back of the home to build an addition, transformed the first story to set the stage for more modern living, refreshed the basement, rebuilt the swimming pool, and much more. The Brunswick leadership team identified this need and walked them through the process of acquiring appropriate coverage for the endeavor.

    I trust the Brunswick Personal Lines specialists implicitly. We were high touch clients and they’ve supported all of our needs. Their patience and guidance were invaluable.


    Chubb appeared on-site to ensure building regulations were met and urged the couple to install security measures to protect the gutted home. While the homeowners initially thought these expenses were cumbersome and unnecessary, the Brunswick team served as mediators to negotiate terms, manage the details, and implement a plan to ensure that reasonable requirements were met. This investment ultimately paid off.

    What Is The Value In Choosing The Right Coverage?

    Just months after moving into their new home, the basement toilet back flowed and coated the entire lower level floor with over two inches of raw sewage. The wastewater flood likely occurred due to the age of the home, coupled with the fact that the plumbing experienced months of regular use following five years of inactivity. A remediation company came out the next day and gutted the entire basement down to the foundation blocks, which devastated the couple as the husband had renovated with thoughtful details to recreate his childhood basement.

    Will You Become A Brunswick Advocate?

    After the initial tear out, the couple received two quotes on the cleanup and rebuild. One estimate came in at roughly $20,000, the other totaled $50,000 in remediation and renovation costs. With little hesitation, Chubb insisted the couple accept the higher quote.

    A few days later, the check came in the mail and another long-term project began to once again develop a room that held special significance. In fact, additional costs arose during the renovation and Chubb quickly approved and paid for them.

    The couple was thrilled at the outcome and was impressed at how closely Brunswick worked with them and Chubb to ensure the basement was properly rebuilt. The breadth of experience Brunswick brought to the table has turned the couple into lifelong advocates of Brunswick Companies and its services.

    About Brunswick Companies

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