• Ready Your Business Catastrophe Plan for Summer

    Ready Your Business Catastrophe Plan for Summer June 16, 2016

    The right insurance will certainly help you pick up the pieces after being struck by a hurricane, flood, or other major weather event. But, an up-to-date and comprehensive catastrophe plan can make the critical difference in minimizing the amount of damage your business suffers, reducing injuries to employees, and accelerating how quickly your business gets up and running again after the storm. Below are a few recommendations to consider when developing your business catastrophe plan:

    Know Your Risk

    Severe weather is an equal opportunity offender. In other words, just because your business may not be set in an area that experiences much of it, doesn’t mean it’s not at risk.

    Sign Up For Notifications

    In today’s ultra-connected environment, it’s never been easier to keep up to date on the latest happenings. This standard also applies to weather-related disasters. You likely live in a region offering free mobile or email notification services that inform you when damaging conditions like flooding threaten. Check with your local emergency management department or public services representatives.

    Create A Communications Plan

    Not only is it important to be informed when severe weather conditions are imminent, you should also have a way of communicating this to employees. Be sure to maintain a list of phone numbers of those you’ll need to inform when there is an urgent situation that demands their attention. You should also have an alternative way of getting in touch if phone services aren’t available.

    Assemble An Emergency Kit

    In the event of an emergency, you should be sure to have a stock of items that will help you in the time of need, such as a supply of food and water. Other good things to include are flashlights, extra batteries, and a first-aid kit. For more info, FEMA has some other examples of what to put in an emergency readiness kit.

    Prepare Your Business

    When severe weather is imminent, mitigate possible losses by taking some proactive measures. For example, elevate low-lying items and electronics such as computers, printers, and other equipment.

    Move To A Safer Destination

    Prepare for the possibility of an evacuation order by assembling all items that you may need to leave quickly for a safer location.

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    Reprinted with permission from Selective Insurance Group, Inc. Brunswick Companies is an independent insurance agency representing only A Rated carriers. We value our carriers’ investments in research and proudly share their market insights.