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Surety Bonds

Licensed in all 50 states, our breadth of surety bond offerings is unmatched in the industry, including an expansive network that delivers results on standard, exclusive, specialty, and hard-to-place bonds. We have the knowledge and network to help you secure the right surety bond.

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Professional Liability

Regardless of your profession, being in business involves some level of risk. Mistakes made by you, your employees, or independent contractors can trigger legal action related to negligent acts, errors and omissions, and even personal injury. Brunswick Companies empowers you to protect your firm – and the talent within it – by advising you on potential pitfalls, and providing the right-fit coverage that keeps you fully protected from the high costs of legal defense if claims arise.

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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is one of the most important investments you can make in your company because it protects the business that you are building. If a legal issue would arise, a well-designed insurance plan can mean the difference between going under or staying afloat. Commercial claims are often more complex than personal claims, so it’s essential to have a strong relationship with an experienced commercial insurance expert you can trust.

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Risk Management

As your partner, Brunswick Companies is the only resource you need to find the right risk management solution for your company. We will help you create an insurance risk management program that will fit your long- and short-term goals, and serve as your “Chief Risk Officer” as your business grows. The breadth and depth of our experience includes Commercial Insurance and Self-Insured Retention Plans. Depend on our experienced risk advisors to support you through every part of the process from initial assessment through the monitoring of your performance.

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Personal Insurance

At Brunswick Companies, we believe that personal insurance is more than just peace of mind; it’s about financial protection. It’s knowing that both your achievements and your aspirations are preserved. Our team understands that each personal coverage program from homeowners and car insurance to umbrella coverage is as distinctive as the person or family we’re working to protect.

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Property Preservation/REO Services

Brunswick Companies provides a comprehensive insurance program for property preservation / mortgage field services contractors, which includes enhanced, industry-specific protection. This exclusive E&O Professional Liability product includes an endorsement for General Liability coverage. Because of the line between Errors & Omissions and general liability can seem unclear, having both coverages on one policy will provide you with quick, efficient claims handling, along with competitive pricing.

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