• You Need To Create A Home Inventory Now

    You Need To Create A Home Inventory Now May 17, 2016

    No one wants to contemplate the loss of everything they own, but fire, flood, and theft could happen at any time to absolutely anyone. Creating a home inventory of your valuable possessions can save time and money during the extremely stressful recovery period. Isn’t that worth the effort?

    While there are other available solutions to creating a home inventory, a free and web-based option is the Insurance Information Institute’s Know Your Stuff®. The system is user-friendly, has a guided tour and video tutorial, and allows for the uploading of photographs and appraisal documents. With password protection and online storage, your home inventory will be available to you anywhere you are can be shared via printouts and downloads.

    In the aftermath of a disaster, could you write down the pertinent information and value of all your antiques, items in your collections, or precious heirlooms? Often, you’ll need to know the make, model, and identifying numbers, and very few of us have such details committed to memory. If you had a home inventory—especially one stored securely online—you would be able to provide all the information about your valuables easily and quickly with your insurance agent.

    While having a home inventory is helpful, having a Collections & Valuables insurance policy is essential for those who have accumulated wine, jewelry, fine arts, or furs. Your homeowner’s policy only covers items within your home on a percentage basis and may even have special limits on the theft of these prized possessions. Collections & Valuables insurance protects your treasured items above and beyond the limitations of your homeowner’s policy to ensure full replacement at appraised values.

    Each of the above reasons come down to this: when catastrophe strikes, will you be able to get back on your feet quickly? If you can’t name your missing or destroyed valuables, or didn’t have the right amount of coverage, recovery will take much longer and require a greater amount of effort. Your insurance agent may request a home inventory, and having one can only benefit you.

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