• Even Small Businesses Need Cyber Liability Insurance

    October 20, 2016

    Small Company Cyber Hazards Hiding In Plain Sight

    Cyber crime claims by revenue size“Today, companies would never think of operating without property and casualty insurance. Yet, everyday companies are ignoring a risk that has the potential to cause just as much financial damage and even impact future viability,” says Dan Vecchio of Founders Professional.

    He is, of course, talking about the prevalence and devastating outcomes of cyber crime.

    Vecchio goes on to write, “In the last 20 years, small companies, like large companies, have become hyper-dependent on technology. Technology is the lifeblood of every company today. Whether simply storing employee and customer information, or conducting e-commerce; technology has become a significant risk that companies can’t afford to overlook. As reliant on technology as small companies have become, there are still only a small percentage that have invested in cyber liability insurance.”

    Click here to read the full PDF article from PLUS Journal.

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